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Private Yoga Lessons
Gi Belt


Book a one on one session with an amazing world renowned teacher. Private sessions are one of the fastest ways to take your Yoga to the next level where a highly skilled and talented teacher can help streamline your body and capabilities by crafting a personalized experience that will change your practice forever.

In our private sessions, your teacher will be able to give the time and energy normally spent on a room filled with people and dedicate it all to you! This will give you and the teacher time and a place to really cater the entire session to your personal development and growth. Be prepared to take your practice to the next level!


1. Get your instructor’s full attention in this exclusive learning environment

2. In-depth, detailed Yoga instruction

3. Customizable and personalized help

4. Physical adjustments from your teacher if requested

5. Time flexibility


  1. Talk with instructor about availability;

  2. Purchase private lesson, package, or monthly membership by contacting the academy;

  3. Confirm date and time with instructor.

  4. Enjoy your tailored lesson!

​PLEASE NOTE: All schedule changes or cancellations should be coordinated with your instructor. No-shows will result in loss of that private lesson credit.

Private Lesson Registration

To register for private classes, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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